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WMFL Sign Ups/Wait List

Gamertag: Hellraiser1987
Groupme email or number: Ted Mosby
Team: (Buffalo if available) otherwise any team
Define what playing "Sim" football means to you: realistic, if it doesn't happen in real life it shouldn't in the game.


Hey i want to join the league ill be the colts but ill take any team
group me: 305-546-7803
Sim just means FairPlay for me no 4th and 30 plays and such
Gamertag: Army Monster
Groupme email or number: [email protected]
Team: Browns, Raiders, Saints, or Vikings
Define what playing "Sim" football means to you: it means no exploits not glitching on purpose. it means getting the most realistic results possible while having a great game, win or lose
Groupme email or number:Stoptherun2025
Team: Raiders, or anybody open
Define what playing "Sim" football means to you, Play as Close to a real NFL game as you can , and not having to deal with bone headed game play from opp.
Gamertag: VA BALLER 66
Groupme email or number: [email protected] 434-222-6159
Team: Redskins, Panthers, or 49ers......will take another also
Define what playing Sim football means to you: Mixing up your plays, punting on 4th down, and respecting your opp at all times.....
Gamertag: itspapaburgundy
Groupme email or number: 6233086402
Team: redskins, cardinals, or first team available
Define what playing "Sim" football means to you: playing the game the way u see it on Sundays. Mix your calls, use different formations and no cheese