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Wollastonite is the new market for jaw crusher


Wollastonite is usually crushed by large crushers, and the wide market of wollastonite brings new challenge to crushing industry. SBM improve the product structure on the basis of small jaw crusher and the new PE jaw crusher is the first choice of crushing wollastonite. our jaw crushers series imported Germany advanced manufacturing technology, has a simple and reasonable structure, high output, large crushing ratio, long life of tooth plate, even product granularity, low power consumption, and easy maintenance, is the advanced machine in the domestic market at present.
Wollastonite is a kind of ore material which has the good insulation and a high degree of whiteness, good dielectric properties and a high heat resistance, widely used in car, metallurgy, ceramics, and plastics etc,. At present, the wide prospect for sand processing equipment is engineering plastics industry, and wollastonite is as fillers and reinforcing agents for plastics and rubber industry, which replaces more and more metal parts in industrial products and has a high demand on the market.
At present, the storage capacity and output of wollastonite in our country is the first in the world, and the annual output of wollastonite industry reached 55 million tons. The products are exported to Japan, Korea, and Germany, which accounted for 70% in the international market. At the same time, the demand of wollastonite is increasing continuously, and the experts predicated that the demand of wollastonite can reach 60 million tons.
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