Frequently Asked Questions

With the released date approaching, Slightly Mad Studios has posted a thorough Project Cars 2 frequently asked questions page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ page is comprised of common questions asked across multiple social media platforms. A lot of the community’s questions were regarding content, cars and tracks. Some things you can find on the FAQ page:

  • Will there be vehicle damage?
  • Is there a new career mode?
  • Does Project Cars 2 have multi-class racing?
  • Is there PSVR support?

There are even some more complex questions like:

  • How will the AI cope with dynamic weather racing? Will they have accurate tire wear? Fuel usage? Strategy?

You can view the Frequently Asked Questions page in its entirety on the official website. If you want to know more about cars and tracks, be sure to visit their individual car and track list pages.

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