Sports Video Game Release Dates

upcoming sports game release dates
Welcome to Sports Gamers Online's upcoming sports video game release list. This list includes games launching in 2020 as well as announced or rumored games that don't have an official release date just yet. Below you will find the list of all upcoming sports video games. Under each game will be links to the latest news for each game. This...

EXCLUSIVE: Sean Burke of NASCAR Heat 2 Talks Features, Improvements and More!

NASCAR Heat 2video
When NASCAR Heat Evolution hit consoles and PC in 2016, it was met with mediocre reviews, at best. The game lacked any real sense of personality, and was so limited in features that it felt more like a demo than a full game. So, when the developers back at 704 Games set out to build NASCAR Heat 2, they took...

The FIFA Killer? PES 2016 Early Gameplay Impressions

Following a strong debut to the next generation systems (PS4 and Xbox One), Pro Evolution Soccer has been highly touted as the game to overtake EA Sport's FIFA as the king of the soccer (or football) games. Here's some early thoughts from the demo release of PES 2016. When playing the game at first, you'll notice a huge difference from...

Joe Montana Football Returns to Compete with Madden?

It has been more than a decade since gamers had the privilege of enjoying a choice between more than one NFL licensed console game. Visual Concepts ESPN NFL 2K5 was that game which turned the sports gaming world upside down. Not only was it a superior product to EA's Madden to many people, it was was also offered at a much...

Early Preview of MLB 15 The Show

2014 marked the first year Sony released its hugely popular MLB The Show title on Next Gen. Due to exclusivity rights and a partnership with MLB and MLBPA, we really have nothing to compare The Show to as it is the lone wolf when it comes to baseball games. Sure, a few new baseball games have popped up across the landscape...