In a special three minute trailer, HB Studios has revealed several new features coming to The Golf Club 2.

Features Breakdown

The next installment of The Golf Club series looks to push the future of golf video games. Here is what you can expect this time around in The Golf Club 2:

  • An all new career mode,
  • the ability to establish and run your own society,
  • recruit players to challenge friends online,
  • access to bigger and better club house by increasing bankroll
  • and a powerful new course editor.

Creating Your Own Course

The 150,000+ user generated courses in The Golf Club can be imported into The Golf Club 2. In addition to imports, those courses will be able to take advantage of the tools and features in the new course editor. Below are just a few things you can expect to find in the state-of-the-art course editor.

  • Dynamic crowds that respond to event prestige,
  • multi-level water features,
  • a plethora of props to decorate your course,
  • regional themes like tropics or Scottish highlands,
  • control over the amount trees or hill ranges,
  • the ability to set time of day
  • and powerful land sculpting tools.

The Golf Club 2

Be sure to pre-order The Golf Club 2 to receive the special Day One Edition that comes with the special Aristocrat Bonus content. This includes:

  • Instant money pay-out
  • 24 karat gold driver
  • Throwback apparel
  • Special society emblem and access to a premiere clubhouse

The Golf Club 2 launches on June 27. Be sure to stay tuned for updates and pre-order fast as Day One editions are limited.

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