Greatest Sports Game Tournament Bracket Reveal

Sports Game Madness

Every March, the focus of the sports world centers on the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

March Madness has become one of the biggest American sports traditions, but that doesn’t mean it has to be specifically for real-life sport.

What about sports video games?

Over the years there has been no shortage of great sports games. And we want the readers and viewers of Sports Gamers Online to vote for the greatest sports game of all time

After days of nominations, we now have the full 64 team bracket. Four regions, 16 games per region with each vying to be voted the greatest of all time. Voting may not start until Monday, March 19, but it’s time to view the bracket and get ready.

We kick things off with the top overall seeds. Tecmo Super Bowl, NBA 2k11, NFL 2k5, and NHL 94 all take number one seeds in the tournament.

Now that we know the top seeds, let’s look at the full bracket starting with the NES region.

5. NES Region

4. PlayStation Region

3. Genesis Region

2. Xbox Region

**NOTE: Top Spin 4 appears twice by mistake. The #7 seed should be Fight Night Round 4**


So there you have it. Voting begins on Monday, March 19. If you want to fill out your own SGO Madness bracket, you can download it HERE.

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