Andy Levitre 85 Overall 4000 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_andy_levitre

91 Pass Block, 86 Run Block, 86 Strength. Left guard being a position that MUT didn’t make that many cards for so prices are pretty high. This is a good balanced card that you can get for around 5k that will be successful and no he won’t wow anyone but he is a good player and Left guards are not cheap!

Comparable- Logan Mankins 90 LG 35000 coins  

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_Logan_Mankins

Ok so it is obvious that Mankins is a better left guard but not by that much. However look at the pass block Levitre is better therefore making him a more consistent and well-rounded player for way cheaper.



Travis Frederick 78 800 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_Travis_Frederick

Ok Frederick is slow 47 speed but he has one stat that wows me 97 run block. 97 Run Block is amazing and if you are going to be running the ball and you don’t have the coins this card will do the job he is a great player and never underestimate the power of the run game.

Comparable- Alex Mack 88 Center 12000 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_alex_mack

It was really hard for me to find because there really isn’t that much variety with centres being a runner you would rather have Travis but Mack isn’t too expensive anymore so this isn’t a great bargain buy but he is a great run blocker



Larry Warford 83 Overall 1500 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_Larry_Warford

Larry Warford is a total beast believe me when I tell you this this guy is a steal. He has 95 Pass Block and 90 overall Run Block and he is one of those guys that doesn’t look flashy but is just as good as lots of the elites and is very cheap. Warford was my starter for a long time and if you don’t have much this is your guy!

Comparable- David Decastro 88 Overall 16,000 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_david_decastro
David Decastro is a pretty good run blocker but Warford has better pass blocking he might not be as strong but he can play at he is quite a bit cheaper if you’re not someone who has hundreds of thousand of coins Warford is a good option.



Lane Johnson 84 Overall 2500 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_lane_johnson

Football Outsider cards are a huge and effective way for budget players to get good cards because they put out so many the cards prices drop! Ok so I get that he has only 82 pass block however he has great acceleration which will allow him to stop speedy Defensive ends from speed rushing. He also has good run block and combined with his speed he is able to get to open field fast on screens, strong powers, and counters. Lane Johnson is a athletic freak and is a cheap card that plays like a elite.

Comparable- Louis Vasquez 90 Overall 20000 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_louis_vasquez

Vasquez is a card that goes for around 20000 coins but from experience I can tell you he is not worth it. His Impact block is a 80 overall as oppose to the 95 of johnson. Also in pass protection yes Vasquez has a much higher rating Johnsons speed and ability to stop the speed rush makes him a better pass protector. A great bargain buy if you need a cheap o-lineman.


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