Defensive Tackle

Stephen Paea 85 Overall – 4,000 coins

Madden_15_Ultimate_Team_defensive_Tips_Steven_Pea2 Madden_15_Ultimate_Team_defensive_Tips_Steven_Pea

Now this might just be the best budget defensive player in the game and here is why this guy has 71 speed and 80 acceleration. Now that is just the beginning the real amazing part of this card comes from his 97 strength and 95 power move. Trust me when I say this guy will cause havoc in either a 3-4 or 4-3 defence. He’s not the most well-known DT in the league that’s why you rarely see him but if you give him a chance you will never regret it he can flat out play!

Comparable to Kevin Williams 95 Overall – 135,000 coins

Madden_15_Ultimate_Team_defensive_Tips_Kevin_Williams Madden_15_Ultimate_Team_defensive_Tips_Kevin_Williams2

Kevin Williams is a stud but if you really dissect his stats he is not all that different from Paea. His strength is worse and his power move is also worse than Paea. He does have greater finesse and acceleration but i don’t think that is worth a extra 130000 coins but if it is to you then save up for Williams but you could get just as much if not more for Paea.


Right Defensive End

Everson Griffen 85 Overall – 7,000 coins


Ok it wasn’t easy to find a good budget Right end and that is why this guy isn’t a total beast but he does have some stats that are pretty amazing. 90 acceleration is great because acceleration is much more important than speed at the defensive end position. He also has good power move at 93 overall and though his finesse move isn’t anything to crazy he still is a quality card for his price and a good budget Right End.

Comparable to Fletcher Cox 92 Overall – 30,000 coins

Madden_15_Ultimate_Team_defensive_Tips_Fletcher_Cox2 Madden_15_Ultimate_Team_defensive_Tips_Fletcher_Cox1

Fletcher Cox in my opinion is not worth even close to his price. And here is why he really doesn’t have any crazy elite stats his speed is low his power move isn’t that great and his finesse move is around the same as Everson Griffen. No Griffen isn’t significantly better in any way but he is much cheaper and you really won’t notice that big of a difference between them and I know that from experience.


Left Defensive End

Derrick Morgan 79 Overall Left End – 900 coins

Madden_15_Ultimate_Team_defensive_Tips_Derrick_Morgan1 Madden_15_Ultimate_Team_defensive_Tips_Derrick_Morgan2

Ok call me a little biased because I love the titans but this guy really is a stud. He is in my opinion the most balanced cheap left end there is. He has decent speed at 75 and 84 acceleration but his most crazy stat is his 93 overall power move which is absolutely insane. He isn’t flashy and won’t be getting you tons of sacks but he will be consistently productive in whatever system you decide to run him in.

Comparable to Rob Ninkovich 92 Overall – 50,000 coins

Madden_15_Ultimate_Team_defensive_Tips_Rob_Ninkovich Madden_15_Ultimate_Team_defensive_Tips_Rob_Ninkovich2

This guy has the same acceleration and power move as Morgan. Ninkovich has a lot of stats better than Morgan though but they don’t in any way make him worth 46000 more coins. People way too often get blinded by the new elites and the fancy new cards and forget to really look closer at the card. These cards are a lot closer than they appear to be by the prices and you could save a lot of coins by going with Morgan.

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