madden 17 defensive gaps and run fits

EA has released another post detailing the gameplay in Madden 17 today. This time they’re focusing on defensive gaps and run fits. The defensive AI is getting a “complete reboot”, for run defense and pass defense. For the first time in Madden history, however, the defense will have a defensive gap control system that should make running closer to the real sport.

According to the blog, the run fits system is installed the same way that defensive coordinators install their defenses in the NFL with alignment, assignment, and technique. Each defender should now have a specific job for each play.

You can get a much more in-depth look over at the Madden website, where they go through each and every change made to the game in order to bring it closer to real life. Check it out if you’re curious as to how these changes will affect the game.

Are you excited to see a better AI? Let us know in the comments and on social media, and be sure to stay tuned to SGO for the latest Madden 17 news.

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