Finishing up the Madden NFL 17 ratings EA has released the Top 5 Free Safeties in Madden NFL 17. This group features some of top ball hawks in the NFL who can play the run and the pass equally as well. You can find the full list of ratings below:


Mathieu is one of the game’s fastest safeties. His 96 man coverage makes him far and away the best cover safety in the game. Look to match him up 1on1 against your opponents tight end.


With 92 hit power Smith will be a force in the secondary. Utilize him in the box to support in the run game. He is one hit away from a game changing play.


Comeback player of the year, Eric Berry is one of the league’s best. His unique skill set allows him to do just about everything for the Chiefs. His 91 speed is tops amongst our Top 5 free safeties.


Thomas is the heart and soul of the Seahawks secondary and will continue to be the driving force behind the Seahawks success. His ability to roam the deep half of the field allows the rest of the defense to clamp down on shorter routes freeing him up to make big plays in the secondary.


Jenkins is a newcomer to this list of elite free safeties, but he is well deserved. In 2015 Jenkins had a career year and his size in the secondary allows him to play in the box for much needed run support for the Eagles.

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Christopher Walker
I have been playing football games since 99’. All starting with the NFL Game Day demo and NFL Blitz on PlayStation, then I moved on to Madden for the next 5 years, where I really didn't know what I was going yet. I flirted with NFL 2K for a year, but have played Madden and NCAA (up until its demise last year) ever since steadily improving my game each year and developing a passion for the X’s and O’s part of football.