Madden 17 will introduce Chemistry to replace Style in its popular Ultimate Team game mode.

An active chemistry will provide players will stat boosts. Importantly, these stat boosts will be clearly visible this year, so no guessing about how your players are affected.

But how will it work?

Chemistry icons will appear on player and coach items, and placing a certain number of these into your lineup will activate your bonus. The only limit to how many Chemistries you can use is how many you can fit in. This adds a new and dynamic layer to team-building in Ultimate Team.

There are 6 base, and 8 scheme Chemistries to aim for. So, while player overalls will still be important, finding a weaker player with the right chemistry fit might be a better option overall for your team. Stat upgrades will be stackable, so if you have two chemistries active that boost the same stat, they will not be wasted.

This means that the idea of choosing your own style/chemistry is gone. In its place is a mode that encourages more tinkering, and more in-depth team building. Also, once the requirement for a chemistry is reached it will automatically activate. It is something veterans of Madden Ultimate Team should be excited about. They will be offered a chance to show off their skill in building a team strong tactically, in personnel, and in terms of chemistry.

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