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Madden 18

As we confirmed in our extensive coverage and interviews, Madden 18 will feature all-new coaching adjustments.

What does that mean for you? It means you can customize how you want your team to perform, both in general and based on specific events.

Coach adjustment always defaults to a balance between the two extremes. But if you want to change your coach adjustments for deeper, and more personal plays, here are the options the Madden 18 team released about it:

Defensive Adjustments

  • Auto Flip Defense
    • On – The CPU will flip your defensive play to best match the offensive formation
    • Off – Disables auto flip defensive play call
  • Ball In Air Defense
    • Play Ball — AI will play the ball in two-man catch situations
      • Pro:  Increased chance of an interception
      • Con: Increased chance of WR catching ball and increased chance of a broken tackle
    • Play Receiver – AI will play the receiver in two-man catch situations
      • Pro:  Decreased chance of a broken tackle
      • Con:  No chance of an interception
    • Swat Ball –AI will attempt a swat in two-man catch situations
      • Pro:  Increased chance of knocking out ball
      • Con:  No chance of an interception
  • Option
    • Conservative
      • Pro:  Focused on QB on the option
      • Con:  Dive and Pitch left open on the option
    • Aggressive
      • Pro: Focused on the Dive and Pitch on the option
      • Con: QB left open on the option
  • Pass Rush
    • Conservative
      • Pro:  Outside rushers play QB Contain and AI defensive line will look to swat passes
      • Con:  No Jump Snap bonus and more time in pocket for QB
    • Aggressive
      • Pro:  AI pass rushers will attempt to jump the snap
      • Con:  Higher chance of off sides penalty versus hard count
      • New Addition:  Pass Rushers also see an increase in fatigue
  • Strip Ball
    • Conservative
      • Pro:  Lowers break tackle chances
      • Con:  AI will not attempt to strip
    • Aggressive
      • Pro:  Higher chance for AI to attempt a strip for a higher fumble chance
      • Con:  Higher chance of a broken tackle and face mask penalty
  • Tackling
    • Conservative
      • Pro:  AI defenders tackle conservatively
      • Con:  Increases chances of allowing yards after contact
    • Aggressive:
      • Pro:  AI defenders attempt Hit Stick tackles for higher fumble chance
      • Con:  Higher chances of missed tackles

Offensive Adjustments

  • Ball Carrier
    • Conservative
      • Pro:  Ball carrier protects the ball, decreased fumble chances
      • Con:  Decreased ability to break tackles
    • Aggressive
      • Pro:  Higher chance of triggering auto break tackles
      • Con:  Increased fumble chances
  • Blocking
    • Conservative:
      • Pro:  Decreased chances of holding penalty
      • Con:  Hold blocks less for run and pass
    • Aggressive:
      • Hold blocks longer for run and pass
      • Increased chances of holding penalty
  • Deep Pass Catching
    • Conservative:
      • Pro:  Receivers will attempt a RAC catch, increases run after catch chances
      • Con:  Increased interception chance
    • Aggressive:
      • Pro:  Receivers will attempt an Aggressive catch
      • Con:  Decreases run after catch chance
  • Intermediate Pass Catching
    • Conservative:
      • Pro:  Receivers will attempt a Possession catch
      • Con:  Decreased run after catch chance
    • Aggressive:
      • Pro: Receivers will attempt a RAC or Aggressive catch
      • Con:  Increased chances of ball being knocked out

Cornerback Matchups

Cornerback matchups let you decide which wide receivers your CBs will matchup with. And you can do this with either man or zone defenses. Since CBs will follow the options you gave them, make sure you have enough people assigned to the WRs. Even more personalized choices are available with the depth chart option. This includes assigning players on your team to players on the opponent’s team based on ranks.

The coach adjustments for cornerback matchups are:

  • By Overall – Highest-rated cornerback will matchup vs. highest rated receiver
  • By Speed – Fastest cornerback will matchup vs. fastest receiver
  • By Height – Tallest cornerback will matchup vs. tallest receiver
  • By Route Running – Highest-rated man coverage cornerback will matchup vs. highest rated route run receiver
  • By Depth Chart – Matchup based on cornerback’s depth chart position vs. receivers overall rating

AI Usage and Game Styles

The AI will alter its coach adjustments as well. When the result of one of its adjustments impacts play, a notification will appear and inform the player.

Coach Adjustments for the AI:

  • Ball Carrier Conservative
    • When ahead, late in the game, and running the ball in an effort to keep the clock running
  • Cornerback Matchups
    • By Overall rating, when it has a cornerback on its team with at least a 90 OVR, and the offense has a receiver with at least a 90 OVR
  • Pass Rush Aggressive
    • In certain passing situations.
  • Strip Ball Aggressive
    • When trailing late in a close game, when the offense is trying to keep the clock running
  • Strip Ball Conservative
    • During late-game, two-minute situations, when ahead
  • Tackling Aggressive
    • In some short yardage situations, also late in games when trailing in a close game
  • Tackling Conservative
    • During late-game, two-minute situations, when ahead

Practice will be the only game style or mode that does not support coach adjustment. So always be mindful of what your coach adjustment is set to.

Madden 18 will be available on August 17, 2017, on EA Early Access, August 22 for those who pre ordered, and August 25th for those who picked it up on its official release date. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And if you’re not sure which version you should guy, we’ve got you covered.

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