Madden 18 Performance Lag

Since its release yesterday, Madden 18 has a problem that appears to be growing: frame rate lag.

Forums from MUTHEAD to have seen multiple people complaining about Madden 18 frame rate lag. The Madden subreddit has several (1, 2, 3, and counting) posts about it as well.

Some people say the frame rate lag can for several seconds in both online and offline mode. The majority of the user complaints come from the Sony community covering PS4 and Pro Madden 18 players. While there has a few Xbox user complaints, the majority say the game runs silky smooth.

EA has yet to make a statement about the issue. Exactly how many players are having this issue is still unclear. If you are experiencing the Madden 18 frame rate lag problem, say so in the comments or take our poll to help give this issue the attention it needs. The more people that talk about it, the sooner EA can address it.


As soon as someone finds a solution or EA responds, Sports Gamers Online will relay the message to you.

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