For more than 20 years, Madden Bowl has pitted the NFL’s very best against every other to find out who is king in Madden NFL. With Super Bowl XLXI right about the corner, it’s once again almost time for Madden Bowl XXI!

You can catch Madden Bowl XXI on EA Sports Twitch Channel on Thursday, January 29 at 11PM EST/8PM PST.

Hosted by Kevin Hart and Michelle Beadle at Bottled Blonde & Livewire in Scottsdale, AZ, Madden Bowl XXI will be played completely in Madden Ultimate Team, a first for the occasion. Hart was featured in the hilarious Madden 15 Promo video and it is only fitting he host the event being a huge Madden fan himself.


Tune in on Thursday to see all the surprises and the action live from the event. Also for the very first time ever, Pepsi will be bringing the hype of halftime to Madden Bowl with a musical performance. This should be a great event showing off the Madden skills, or lack thereof, of the NFL’s top players.

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Curtis Knight
A fan of sports game since his first EA sports title Madden 93. "The Natural" has been an active member of the Sports Gaming community since joining the MWS in 2003. Having participated and won in the Madden challenge and countless other tournaments earlier in his career he has moved on to more of a sim style over the years. He is always looking to do what he can to push simulation style gaming forward.