The Natural: Yeah, you have a set amount of resources and developers to get stuff in, so I totally understand. But, the practice was what many people asked for, and you guys totally delivered on, another thing I heard about was bringing your team outside of the CFM, is that something that you guys are looking at? Maybe like I can play my buddy and CFM team against theirs, maybe that’s something that’s really tough to achieve, that might be had to accomplish?

Kolbe Launchbaugh: It’s definitely something we’ve thought about, it’s definitely something we’ve talked about internally, we hear the asks for it from the outside community. It’s not going to be in this year, obviously, and it’s something I hope to get to at some point, I just can’t-

The Natural: Like an export feature, CFM team, something of that nature?

Kolbe Launchbaugh: -Something like that, yeah, I don’t know what it would be exactly, but there is a lot of work that has to happen before that can happen, so it’s not like we can just go and build it right now and it’ll work, I hate to use the words ‘non-trivial,’ but it’s non-trivial.

The Natural: No, I understand. You guys have a certain amount of resources to get stuff done. The game is looking really great this year, we’re excited to hear about more CFM info, is more coming?

Kolbe Launchbaugh: We’re not holding anything back so much as we did a couple little things late from that last community, like you guys gave us, we stacked the most important, like top six or seven, I don’t remember how many it was, I think we were able to get to about four of them, so they’re smaller features, smaller tunes and tweaks that we got to, and I think you’re going to be pretty happy with a couple of them.

The Natural: Is one of those things the draft board?

Kolbe Launchbaugh: Yeah, yeah, yeah. One of those things was the draft board, and I explained this on Shop’s channel, I’ll try and to the really fast forward version for you guys, but basically the draft board is really more of a watch list, and it’s something that we can build on for the future, for sure, again, the future is I don’t know. I’ve seen some stuff on twitter, operation sports as well ‘well, this means that they’re really going to do an official draft board at the same time next year,’ well, in no way does it mean that.

The Natural: You guys hear that? One thing does not mean the other.

Kolbe Launchbaugh: Yeah, it means we have a foundation, we’ve made some improvements, we’re listening, we definitely want to deliver all of these things for you guys, they all take time, they’re going to come as soon as we can get them, and in the priority that you guys actually do help us set. So, it’s not like we’re not listening. But, I do think that it’s a good stop in the right direction, right? You guys get your watch list, you can’t order it, but you get the guys that you really are interested in, in a single list, without all of the chaff, that is a huge improvement in the quality of life of the CFM drafter.

The Natural: Awesome! And we love all of the new things and the additional tools you’ve given CFM commissioners this year.

Kolbe Launchbaugh: One of the things that I don’t think is getting any play at all, but is a cool little feature, is getting the list of the CFM members into the main menu, it’s actually a electable tab in the main menu, and you see the list of all the main members in your league, and you get to scroll through it right there, see who’s online, see who’s played their game, so who’s set autopilot, it’s all right there in the main menu, there’s not going to fish for it, you can invite new members to your league from that same menu, no one’s talking about it, but I think it’s a really cool feature for you guys!

The Natural: Wow, that’s awesome to hear! The more you give to commissioners, the better, we love that, and it’s really cool that, you know, you guys are focused on CFM, you guys are always focused on CFM, but a lot of guys get the wrong idea that mode is the focus of madden, but I’m glad to hear you say these things and show that CFM is just as, or more important, or equally as important as all the modes in Madden, so we’re really glad to hear that.


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