Kolbe Launchbaugh: Yeah, it’s absolutely important. I spent more of my resources on CFM last year than any other mode, so it’s absolutely important to me, I want to make it great, I want to make it fun, I want you guys to be super excited to check it out every year and see all of the new and cool stuff that we added. Speaking of, I’m going to tell you something, I don’t know if I’ve said this on camera yet, I may have, I’ve done a lot of these, maybe. But we actually eliminated the penalty for switching positions in CFM.

The Natural: Wow, that’s big!

Kolbe Launchbaugh: That’s one of the things that was requested but the community guys. So, there is no penalty for switching, you can switch anything, well not anything, but anything that was a valid switch last year you can do.

The Natural: Well maybe not Right End to QB. You mean, like quarterback-to-quarterback, something like that.

Kolbe Launchbaugh: No, and you can’t make your quarterback the DT either, so they all have to make sense, and I think it was by community request that one or two were added and/or removed, and I don’t remember what they were, I’m sorry, we added the ability to do that willy nilly, no penalty. However, to make sure the leagues are still good and sound and behaving correctly, we added a transition log entry every time somebody does that, so you can set up some house rules, commissioners can police it and make sure nobody’s abusing the, we’ll call it a ‘gift,’ but the ability to do that and whatever rules you guys want inside of your CFMs.

The Natural: Awesome! Exclusive, first time here, and we’re so happy, we can’t wait to get our hands on the game and CFM mode, Madden 16 is looking great and we’ll have more covers for you guys, thanks!

Kolbe Launchbaugh: Appreciate it, have a good one!


Hopefully you guys enjoyed the interview and our E3 coverage. We want to send a special thank you out to EA Sports and the entire Madden team for being very gracious and accommodating the entire time at E3 this year. Be sure to stay tuned as we will have more Madden NFL 16 info, news, tips and interviews coming. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well, as we always have new content posted each week for you guys.



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