MLB The Show 17 Player Quirks Guide

Our MLB The Show 17 Player Quirks Guide details all of the Quirks in MLB The Show 17. What each Quirk does and their impact on PCI. Quirks are very specific traits assigned to a player based on real-life data which give the player a bonus when triggered.

For example Anthony Rizzo has the Breaking Ball Hitter quirk, which means he excels at hitting curves, sliders, and other breaking pitches. When you’re playing as Rizzo, you’ll want to look for breaking pitches to hammer, since you’ll get a hitting bonus when swinging at these types of pitches. There are tons of different Quirks for both pitchers and position players, and in addition to changing the way you go about at-bats, and also change the way you construct your roster. See the full list Quirks detailed below..

All bonuses or penalties apply only to PCI. Pitcher bonus shrinks batter PCI, while penalty increases it, and vice versa.

Player Quirks



Impact to PCI

What does it do/mean?

Quick Reflexes Pitcher or Hitter Reacts quickly to the ball when fielding None High Reaction
Day Player Pitcher or Hitter Performs better when playing day games Minor Bonus during day games, penalty during night games
Night Player Pitcher or Hitter Performs better when playing night games Minor Bonus during night games, penalty during day games
Homebody Pitcher or Hitter Performs better when playing at home Minor Bonus when at home, penalty when on road
Road Warrior Pitcher or Hitter Performs better when playing on the road Minor Bonus when on road, penalty when at home
Fighter Pitcher or Hitter Performs better in the 9th inning or later Major Bonus during 9th inning or later
Walker Hitter Only Excels at drawing walks and check swinging None High Discipline
Hitting Machine Hitter Only Excels at getting base hits None High Contact
Bomber Hitter Only Excels at hitting home runs None High Power
20/20 Vision Hitter Only Rarely misses the ball when swinging None High Vision
Bunt Master Hitter Only Excels at sacrifice bunting and drag bunting None High Bunt & Drag Bunt
Vacuum Hitter Only Excels at blocking pitches in the dirt None High Blocking (Catcher)
Speedster Hitter Only Has elite running speed None High Speed
Thief Hitter Only Excels at stealing bases None High Stealing
Platoon Hitter Only Excels at batting versus one handedness only None High Contact vs only 1 pitcher handedness
Breaking Ball Hitter Hitter Only Excels at hitting breaking balls Major Bonus when swinging at breaking pitches. No penalty
Rally Monkey Hitter Only Performs better when the team is behind Major Bonus when team is trailing
First Pitch Hitter Hitter Only Excels at hitting the first pitch of an at-bat Major Bonus when count is 0-0
Situational Hitter Hitter Only Excels at driving in a runner from third with less than 2 outs Major Bonus with a man on third and less than two outs
Unfazed Hitter Only Excels when hitting with 2 strikes Major Bonus when there are two strikes
Dead Red Hitter Only Excels at hitting fastballs Major Bonus when swinging at fastballs. No penalty
Pinch Hitter Hitter Only Excels at pinch hitting Major Bonus when pinch hitting


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