One of the most popular modes over the years in MLB The Show has been it’s Road to the Show.

The single-player mode puts fans into the role of an MLB-hopeful, and takes them from high school prospect to MLB Hall of Famer. Though the mode has continued to grow over the years, there are moments where it has felt a bit stale.

Sony San Diego hopes to change all of that with MLB The Show 17.

With this year’s installment of the game, Road to the Show is turning to more of an RPG-based mode. Players will interact with a variety of characters during their careers, make career-altering decisions, and establish relationships.

From Sony’s announcement:

“This year, Road to the Show will now sprinkle in true-to-life interactions in a documentary-style presentation. As your career unfolds, you will occasionally interact with coaches, managers, representatives, and more, facing choices that can influence your future path and your road to the show. Your actions, their effects, and the narrator’s insights explore beyond not only your on-field performance, but also your off-the-field aspects of being a professional ballplayer.”

Throughout a player’s career, a documentary-like voice will narrate major things that happen to you. The mode will play out like fans are watching a baseball documentary about their favorite player.

How will your organization react if you decide to lookout for your best interests instead of doing what’s best for the team? Will your decisions off the field lead to a trade? Everything will be unique to your own story in MLB The Show 17.

MLB The Show 17 launches on March 28 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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