Extra Innings is a feature in Diamond Dynasty for MLB The Show 16 that, unfortunately, a
lot of people do not know about. It is a great way to play friends, earn XP, earn rewards,
grind innings for your conquest missions, and advance towards your statistical missions.
It can also be the quickest way to grind the innings. Basically Extra Innings is a mode
that allows users to play other users’ teams vs the profile in an offline game. It still
tracks the stats and shows up in game history, but will not affect the record of whichever
team your playing offline. However, it will give them innings and stats which can help
them complete missions.

To play Extra Innings you need to go find which team you want to play by going to the
standings tab on the far right. Simply find the team you want to play and click on their
name and hit “play an extra inning game”. Then you can choose the difficulty. Based on
the difficulty, there are different reward percentages. For example, if you play on HOF
the chance of a diamond is usually around .30 percent and you will be guaranteed a
bronze or higher. However, if you play on Rookie you can still have a chance to get a
common. Keep in mind, you actually have to win the games to get the reward
percentages, however even if you lose you still earn stubs, xp, and innings for both sides.

Extra Innings is potentially the fastest way to grind innings for the conquest missions, as
well. If you and a friend both play each others teams at the same time then it will count
as double. Play with friends, conquest, play vs cpu, online head to head and battle
royale all still work, but this is by far the quickest method to grind innings. The only
downside to this is that if both users are ranked low it can take awhile to find them in
the standings, so I do recommend trying to get your rating up a bit before trying this.
That being said, it can still be done. Unfortunately, SDS needs to make this an easier
process for users to find one anothers’ team.

In conclusion, Extra Innings is an overlooked mode that can allow users to earn XP, stubs,
unlock missions, earn card rewards, and grind innings the most efficiently. Plus it can be
a ton of fun and another way to play Diamond Dynasty Offline!

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