More MLB The Show 17 information just keeps on pouring in.

In an interview with Polygon, Ramone Russell, community manager and game designer of MLB The Show, revealed that the plan is to release more content to Road to the Show throughout the game’s lifespan.

From Polygon:

Another way in which Sony San Diego will set itself apart is by delivering additional cutscenes, scenarios and dialogue after the launch of MLB 17. Russell said the studio is still working on the details, such as how much new content it will release and when it will deliver those updates, but said “it’s definitely on our roadmap.” Although Russell didn’t give any hints as to the nature of this post-launch content, you could conceive of a situation in which, a few seasons into your MLB career, you’re given the option to take a pay cut or be released from your team.

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MLB The Show 17 launches on March 28 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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