MLB The Show 18

The first in a series of Gamestop Monday videos released today. The new videos are apart of SIE San Diego Studio’s annual trickle of details leading up to the release of MLB The Show 18. The game is set to launch March 28th.

MLB The Show 18 Details

SIE has unveiled some exciting new features for this year’s game. These include the ability to create batting stances for players, enhanced rain effects capable of rain delays and new celebrations, both player and team-specific.

As part of a revamped player creation suite, the opportunity to build a unique batting stance for players should please many fans. The video showcases a system that allows you to make slight adjustments to the positioning of a hitter’s hands, elbows and legs. Players will even be able to control how much they would like their hitter to wiggle the bat above their head while in the box. The implementation of this should lead to plenty of imagination among the community.

For those wishing for a more realistic MLB The Show 18, you’ll be happy to find more life-like fog and rain effects. The new additions can and eventually will lead to game stoppages. While there’s no word yet on whether this will necessitate doubleheaders being played, it does appear as if it will impact starters. It will require a coach’s decision on whether you want to bring in a reliever or not following the delay.

Elsewhere, the stream revealed that certain teams and players will have customized celebrations. This includes the Cubs’ dancing relievers in the bullpen to emotional reactions that better reflect the game situation.

Check out the official tweet below.


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