Good news for supporters of the upcoming Mutant Football League.

As its Kickstarter campaign wound down, the game surpassed $129,000 which resulted in the game hitting every stretch goal made available. In total, the game raised $138,092 from 3,197 backers.

By hitting all the stretch goals, Mutant Football League will feature a fourth species, a brand new team, a new stadium and — the largest goal — a full season mode that will span 13 games.

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When the game’s latest campaign began in February, it took just four days to surpass the $60,000 goal that was set. It was a moment that left the game’s creative director, Michael Mendheim, humbled because of the support.

With the campaign over, the focus is on finishing development — which includes implementing online play. Developer Digital Dreams Entertainment anticipate a beta coming out in the spring with a full PC launch this October.

A console release is expected around Super Bowl 52 next year.

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