Personality Badges

Alpha Dog
Be team’s highest rated player to get the badge and improve your overall leadership.

Clutch Performer
Improves capacity to improve in big games.

Player can be inconsistent – amazing or crap.

Spark Plug
Average at least 7 ppg over 6 straight games to get the badge and make yourself more likely to be better when coming off the bench.

Make 10 hard and non-flagrant fouls in one season to improve your physicality.

Floor General
Average 5 assists per game over 30 games to unlock this badge and improve offense of entire team when you are on the court.

Average at least 80 percent of team’s overall minutes over 20 straight games to unlock the badge and not lose much skill when fatigued/injured.

Defensive Anchor
Raise defender discipline to 18 and play at least 30 games in career to unlock the badge and help teammates improve awareness and defensive skill.

Championship DNA
Win a championship to unlock the badge and respond faster to double teams/play better during playoffs.

Make your player hot in 7 straight games to unlock the badge and have your player heat up faster than most others.

The player is well liked by teammates.

The player does not get along with teammates.

Legendary Work Ethic
Player works the hardest

All Time Great
Player works towards being an all-time great of NBA

Low Ego
More likely to value team success over self.

Keep it Real
Player deals with criticism better.

Pat My Back
The player likes being coddled by teammates and coaches.

Celebrate when the opportunity presents itself to get the badge and be more open about your feelings.

Player is unpredictable (duh).

Laid Back
The player more approachable and laidback.

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