Moments: Damian Lillard (Ruby) – 5K
HT: 6’3″
WT: 195 Lbs.

There are a couple people who could replace Dame in the bench PG role, but I personally like the contrast of him and Curry. It allows you to have another playstyle at the Point Guard position because Lillard’s finishing is extremely underrated in this game. His dunk animations are strong, and you can catch a body or two without losing the luxury of three point shooting. If you rather a more conservative option, you could go with the Ruby Gary Payton or Ruby Fat Lever.


All Star: Gerald Green (Ruby) – 5K
HT: 6’7″
WT: 210 Lbs.

No explanation needed. OG 2K heads know. Just do it.

Wingmen: Corey Maggette (Ruby) – 5K
HT: 6’6″
WT: 218 Lbs.

This is a baby GOAT of 2K, born this year. What Gerald Green was in 2K13 is what Maggette is now. There are endless videos you could probably find of this guy outplaying diamonds, and it isn’t a joke.

He is really bout it.

The reason he’s so good is because 2K copied Vince Carter’s base animations and tendencies right to him. So, basically, he windmills for no reason and has an easy jumpshot form. He’s the perfect player to bring off your bench because if he gets hot then he’ll carry your team.


All-Around: Chris Webber (Ruby) – 5K
HT: 6’9″
WT: 245 Lbs.

There are a lot of options you could have here instead, but this Webber card is genuinely true to its set name. From shooting, post-up and finishing to defense and athleticism- this card is good at just about everything. But that’s also why some may argue against it. It’s a jack of all trades rather than a specialist. Still, I think just for the fact that it’s C-Webb, this is a cool addition to your bench.


Moments: Demarcus Cousins (Ruby) – 10K
HT: 6’11”
WT: 270 Lbs.

Here is the Center I had previously mentioned. You could start Boogie over KAT if you really wanted, but I think the offense that this card provides is better suited off your bench for a scoring punch. He’s the better shooter and all around scorer; while KAT is the better defender and athlete. This is purely up to your preference of playstyle.


Wingmen: Keith Van Horn (Ruby) – 5K
HT: 6’10”
WT: 220 Lbs.

So to be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know this guy was that tall before I wrote this article. But that just makes him even more versatile of an option in your final 3 bench spots. Essentially, he’s a combo shooting forward. He can play the 3, or the 4 if you like having someone to stretch the defense. This gives you options if you want a better shooter on the perimeter in place of Green or Maggette. Or if you prefer a better shooter in the place of Webber in the bench mob.


Playmakers: Fat Lever (Ruby) – 5K
HT: 6’3″
WT: 170 Lbs.

Here is another option at the guard position for situational purposes. In case Lillard gets cold or is being abused by his matchup, you can bring in a defensive specialist to lock all that up. His jumpshot is serviceable enough to get the job done, but note that he isn’t the scorer that Lillard is. If you need a stop, however, this is your man.


Current: Jameer Nelson (Bronze) – 500
HT: 6’0″
WT: 190 Lbs.

If you don’t already know the legend of the 2K GodKing, GOATmeer GODson, you’ve missed out on quite some history. I suggest you search that name on YouTube to learn of his legend. Once you’ve done that, take a look at the blowout that the Nuggets handed the Warriors the other night, led by this holy being. Moreover, in the process, he dropped a quick 23 piece on Steph’s head and held him to 11 points on the defensive end. It is recommended that you always have Jameer at the end of your bench for good karma, while strolling through the cheese-filled streets of MyTeam Online.

Hopefully these choices have helped you build a dominate team for cheap! Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube and check back daily for more NBA 2K17 here at SGO.