nba 2k17 rebound badge analysis

Have you ever wondered to what extent does each badge affect various stats in NBA 2K17? The team at NBA 2K Lab has gone about answering the question in a scientific way and brought their results to us. With the research done, you’ll be able to judge for yourself which badges are worth attaining the most.

Today, we are doing tests with the Hustle Rebounder Badge. This was a tricky one for the folks at NBA 2K Labs, as there was debate as to whether the Rebound statistics actually mattered in game.

With that debate in mind, they started out by running tests between a 70 rated rebounder and 90 rated rebounder to make sure that it did made a difference. They did this over the course of 200 attempts.

61.5% 38.5%

Proving that it indeed made a difference, they then moved on to running the same test with the badges. The only difference between the test done with badges as compared to the initial testing was that they performed the test in play now mode instead of practice mode.

They ran it in three separate setups: One featuring a Hall of Fame rebounder vs. a Gold rebounder, one featuring a Gold rebounder vs. a rebounder with no badge, and one featuring a Hall of Fame rebounder vs. a rebounder with no badge. They did the same number of shots, only counting ones that the badged player contested and both rebounders had a chance to recover.

The results showed a slight improvement overall for a Hall of Fame badge vs. no badge at all, and even less of one against a Gold badge. The Gold badge against no badge actually showed a marked deterioration in number of rebounds retrieved.

63% 37%
54.5% 45.5%
64.5% 35.5%

Also included were charts showing the rebound spray across all shots taken. The green dot in these charts represents the shooter, while the red dots indicate where the ball landed after a missed shot.

Here is the video showing the test process so that you can replicate the test results for yourself.

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