2. Intangibles

Another common request that we could not find anywhere on the internet was figuring out what the purpose of intangibles was. We had heard a lot of speculation about the stat simply being a placeholder that would allow the developers at 2k to manipulate overall ratings typically in MyTeam.  There was some evidence to back this up due to the significant effect in overall rating the stat had. The difference between 25 and 99 represents 4 points to a player’s overall rating.

However, we were able to prove that the stat does have a more significant effect on gameplay. We used 2 identical players with only their intangibles separating them, one at 99 and the other at 25. We then turned our game speed all the way up to 100 and our quarter length down to 1 minute. We then began taking as many buzzer beaters as possible. We found that the player with 99 intangibles made over 30% more buzzer beaters at the end of a quarter and clutch shots at the end of a close game.

We also noticed that the player with high intangibles was capable of getting different animations at the end of the game to create space. The player attempted quick turnaround jumpers and craftier tap ins around the rim.

 1. Offensive Consistency

Offensive consistency is without a doubt the requested test we have received the most. Clearly this is due to the significant amount of effort involved with raising the rating. This stat also had a bit of a mysterious following with it as many YouTubers have made very large claims about the difference it makes. After a number of different tests trying to break down what the stat does we were able to come up with a concrete example of at least one of the benefits.

For this test it is important to understand the different levels of “hot” a player can be. As a player begins to heat up they will hit an initial hot stage before the red ring below the player is visible. When a player hits that second level of being hot that is when you see the red ring. The first level of being hot was good for a 5 point boost to the following categories: Shot Close, All midrange ratings, All 3 point ratings, Shot IQ, Free Throw, Layup and Standing Layup, Ball Control, All passing attributes, Hands, All post attributes, Offensive and Defensive Rebounding and all defensive attributes. The second level of being hot provided a 9 point boost to the same categories.

We used Paul George, default offensive consistency of 95, and a modified version of Paul George with only the Offensive Consistency stat changed to a 40. We began tracking how many 3 point attempts in took to get to each level of being hot. With 40 offensive consistency it took Paul 3 shots to hit the initial heat stage and 4 makes to get to the second level. Compare this to 95 offensive consistency where Paul become hot after the first make and hit the second level after the third make.

Next, Paul was able to retain his heat despite missing shots at the higher rating. At 40 offensive consistency as soon as Paul missed his level of heat would fall. At 95 offensive consistency Paul was able to miss 4 shots before the rating fell.

We are not convinced that we have completely solved offensive consistency and think that the same patterns may apply to myPlayer grand badges. We have not been able to prove this yet though.

So alright sports gamers, hope this article was able to help you guys out, shed some light on things you didn’t know and answer some of the questions you guys have had for a while now about 2k. Be sure to go on over to NBA2Klab.com, these guys do amazing work for the NBA 2K community. Stay tuned for more NBA 2K17 to come here at Sports Gamers Online, thank you all for watching and be good yall