With the next NBA 2K launch nearing, renown NBA 2K18 community creators have taken to Twitter to help players find the custom they seek. Members of the content sub-group have already began making plans for a tool to help with custom content.

NBA 2K18 Community & Twitter

EmbraceThePace’s new Twitter account, dubbed 2K Rosters, is designed to give fans a simple way to search for high-quality community-created content for NBA 2K18.This includes rosters, draft classes, teams as well as players. In addition, fans have the chance to have their own work gain exposure. To do so, simply reach out to 2K Roster via Twitter. If accepted, you may just find your work on the Youtube channel as well.

Furthermore, the community plans to incorporate everyone across all platforms including the Nintendo Switch. Lastly, 2K Rosters is hoping creators will use the tool as a means to collaborate bringing even more content.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter @2K_Rosters.

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