NBA Live 18 Gets Franchise Mode Title Update

NBA Live 18

EA Sports has revealed full details for the latest title update coming to NBA Live 18 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The update makes a few changes to the gameplay and audio, but focuses mostly on NBA Live 18’s Franchise Mode. New features like a pre-game lobby, an exploit fix and updated player signings are just some of the things in the latest update to the returning basketball sim.

Full notes can be found below:


  • Tuned Slider impact for shot contest
  • Tuned Slider impact for off-dribble shooting
  • Restricted some on-the-run Dribble Moves for lower skilled players


  • Added new pre-game lobby in the League
  • Goals are now available in Pause Menu in the League
  • Fixed exploit where you could complete goals and gain stats when simming games in the League
  • New First Take videos are now seen in the League near the All-Star game and Playoffs
  • Updated signings and draft pick trades to match the NBA.
  • Tuned Playoff simulation
  • Adjusted wording of various goals.


  • Updated Commentary
  • Fixed commentary for overtime games
  • Minor bug fixes

If you missed it, you can check out SGO’s review of NBA Live 18, here.

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