EA Sports released the details regarding the latest NBA Live January title update. This is a rather small update, and includes just a few fixes and gameplay improvements.

You can check the full NBA Live title update notes below:

Online Experience

  • Latency Burst Control
  • Online – Improve Internet Latency / Jitter handling


  • Better too few player detection
  • Make Private to Public Lobby More Likely To Pick Up Random Users In 18

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Live Events Crash
  • Idle users being kicked – Timer moved from 5 minutes to 48 seconds
  • UI/UX: Changes to starting lineups do not change or take effect in gameplay when changing the starting lineup in Play Now.

General Updates

  • Made general stability fixes and improvements

As you can see, this update fixes issues with both online play and Live Run game modes. The update will be noticeable to users by the various bug fixes listed above. The fix that should be the most noticeable to players is the “idle user kicked” timer moving from 5 minutes to 48 seconds.

This update is much smaller than NBA Live’s previous update, but should definitely improve your overall basketball gaming experience.

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