Need For Speed

In a brief letter to the community, Ghost Games discuss their original reboot and what to expect in the next Need For Speed game.

Paying It Back, Moving Forward

Ghost Games opened their letter by addressing rumors of a new game in development. They went on to confirm it to be the next Need For Speed. Ghost even hinted at a release window.

“We’re happy to announce that by the end of 2017 you will be playing a new Need for Speed game.”

In addition, Ghost Games promises to release more details as they move closer to the EA Play event in June.  However, they do share a few aspects of the game in the letter very briefly. First up, Ghost gives a thanks to the community for the reception and feedback from the original reboot. The player feedback is important to Ghost Games developing the next title.

Secondly, Ghost was adamant about bringing customization back to the forefront of the series. They state that it will be a feature to remain in the franchise moving forward. They also mention a variation of tracks from dirt to tarmacs. Cops will be playing an important role once again with the inclusion of the Rhino.

Pulling Into View

To end their address, Ghost Games touched on a high concern from the previous game, “always online.” This year, players will be able to play through a single player campaign offline allowing them to pause the game to their hearts content. These features will be available at launch.

You can view the full address to the community here.

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