Getting onto a AAA video game for the first time is a unique experience few get to have. But statistically, could you guess how would you actually add up?

The folks at EA released a video with several rookies to the Madden franchise learning their in-game ratings. But they don’t just learn where they fall. They get to guess what percentage they’ll hit in five different stats and their overall rating. After guessing, they learn how close- or far- they were from their actual in-game stats based on their career performance.

Madden 18 is available on August 17, 2017 on EA Early Access, August 22 for those who pre ordered, and August 25th for those who picked it up on its official release date. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And if you’re not sure which version you should guy, we got you covered.

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Jesse Galena
As a fan of spectacle in all forms, Jesse Galena particularly enjoys MMA, eSports, as well as professional and indie wrestling. Jesse’s always excited to try any sports game that leans toward the bizarre or unconventional, though nothing can replace a well-executed classic. Outside of video games, Jesse enjoys playing ridiculous table top RPGs, watching standup comedy, and losing at board games. He also writes fantasy/sci-fi novels and RPG material. You can follow him on Twitter @RexiconJesse.