Madden 19

Madden 19 drops in 39 days (August 10, 2018); however, Nike is already celebrating the release of “The 99 Club“.

Nike Custom Cleats For Madden 19’s 99 Club

Receiving a 99 rating in Madden is a stunning achievement on its own. Even so, Nike has decided to up the ante with some incredible custom cleats for their representatives. Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown, New England’s Rob Gronkowski and Carolina’s Luke Kuechly all received custom white and gold plated cleats.

Image via Nike

The cleats feature the player’s silhouette on one side in gold and their mantra on the other. Gronkowski’s cleats say “The Gronk Way” while Kuechly’s adorns his “Keep Pounding” mantra. Brown’s cleats say C.U.E.U.P.U which stand for “Chest Up, Eyes up, Prayed Up”

Each says something different on the heel as well. While Brown’s will still have the C.U.E.U.P.U, Kuechly has “Keep” on his left cleat and “Pounding” on his right. Only Gronkowski has something different – New England’s famous “Do Your Job” motto.

It is unknown if these cleats will be represented in Madden 19 when it releases on August 10 for Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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