Nintendo Switch

During the late hours of the night on Thursday, Nintendo finally revealed some key details regarding the upcoming release of its new Switch console.

The Switch will launch on March 3, 2017 in the United States, Japan, UK and other countries throughout the world. It will retail for $299.99 in the United States.

The console will ship with left and right JoyCon controllers, the JoyCon wrist straps that come with L and R buttons for players, a JoyCon Charging Grip, the Switch Dock, and the required cables for connection.

Extra JoyCon controllers will cost $80 for a pair, or $50 for a single controller. The Switch Pro controller, which looks like a standard gaming controller, will retail for $70.

Other peripherals available for purchase outside of what comes in the box include charging grips for $30 as well as an extra Switch Dock for $90. The extra dock allows players to pick up the Switch console itself and just plug it in to another TV without the need to disconnect cables from the original TV.

JoyCon Wheel add-ons will be available for $15 for use with games like Mario Kart.

Nintendo also revealed that a number of third-party titles will be coming to the console including Skyrim, Minecraft, Steep, NBA 2k18, FIFA and moare.

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