Note To The Community

A Note To The Community

Amidst issues following the launch of MLB The Show 17, San Diego Studio has taken the time to reach out to gamers with a note to the community concerning on going issues in the game. Despite the graphical and gameplay enhancements in this year’s game, The Show 17 still falls short in other areas. SD Studio’s address to players focuses on several issues that have plagued the online experience.

They (SD Studio) makes a point to further explain how queue processing works. In addition to touching on some of the issues, SD Studio explains they are working tirelessly to remedy them. They go on to shed some light on how the studio plans to rectify other issues in the online franchise feature.

“In regards to the Online Franchise, changes are in place to help shorten the amount of time required to process leagues.”

Fans have reacted to the note with mixed feelings. Some praise SD Studio for reaching out and updating them while others have expressed less than satisfactory attitudes towards the game and the apology. You can read the full note to the community here and decide if you think San Diego Studio made the right move.

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