Official NASCAR Heat Evolution Trailer Released

Dusenberry Martin Racing released the official trailer for NASCAR Heat Evolution today. The latest NASCAR racing game is set to release for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on September 13.

From what we know of the game, it’ll feature plenty of drivers and tracks that NASCAR fans are familiar with. There are more than 40 drivers and all 23 licensed NASCAR Sprint Cup Series tracks.

Heat Evolution will be the first NASCAR game on PS4 and Xbox One, updating from DMR’s previously PC only series. The new game adds tracks like Daytona and Colossus at Bristol.

Heat Evolution will feature dynamic AI that is supposed to adjust to the racer’s skill level as they play.

A new damage mode is being add to track any damage from wall hits, rubbing, and other crashes.

Of course, like any good racing game these days, NASCAR Heat Evolution will feature an online multiplayer system with a number of different modes.

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