If you want to get your hands on PES 2017 and you happen to be located in Germany, or are headed to Germany for Gamescom, you’re in luck. The game will be making its first public appearance at the event.

Unfortunately, we won’t be at Gamescom, but we were at E3 last month where we managed to get our hands on the game. No worries, though. If any news surrounding the game pops up at the event, we’ll be sure to keep you covered!

If you’re curious how PES 2017 stacks up to FIFA 17 as of right now, we’ve got a pretty comprehensive comparison of the two games for you to check out.

PES 2017 will launch on September 13 in the United States, with Europe and Japan to follow on September 15 and September 17 respectively. For more news on PES, stay tuned to SGO.

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