PES 18 Gabriel Barbos

Once the hype machine starts it’s hard to have it stop.

Konami seems to have well understood this concept, as PES 2018 news is getting released day after day. After the new announcements for new pre-order items, and new trailers getting released, today the Japanese software house announced that the always-popular soccer simulation will have an online beta program that will start in July.

The program is set to run from 8:00 of July 20 to 4:00 of July 31 (UTC), subject to variation.

The included modes will be Quickmatch and Online CO-OP. While the news doesn’t tell much, this looks like a great chance not only to try the game before the official September release but also to have an impact on the game itself.

What are you expecting from PES 2018? Let us know leaving a comment.

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