Review Policy

Sports Gamers Online utilizes a five-star rating system (done in half-star increments) for its reviews. This system, we believe, offers more clarity to the readers and viewers on the opinion of the review.

The star scale is as follows:

  • 5 – Masterpiece — The highest score we can give out. The game may have some issues, but it’s an experience that we think everyone needs to try.
  • 4 – Great — These are games that we think are fantastic pieces of work that are easily recommended
  • 3 – Good — A game with a lot of things going for it, but it just doesn’t stand out enough.
  • 2 – Below Average — There may be some things to enjoy, but these games are flawed to the point that a lot of potential fun is ruined.
  • 1 – Avoid — These games are full of issues that take away from every aspect of a game. It’s the lowest score a “playable” game can receive.

Why do you still score games?

Sports Gamers Online still believes in the power of a firm score. We want our readers and viewers to know exactly where we stand with our opinions of a game without any sort of wiggle room. If we think a game isn’t worth your time or is a must-play, we want that to be easily conveyed. With that in mind….

How do you score a game?

We score our games based on four key factors — Gameplay, Game Modes, Presentation, and Longevity. These factors represent the entertainment value a game gives to the individual reviewing the game. In all our reviews, these four scores make up the final verdict you will see.

Obviously, all scores are subjective due to games giving off different vibes to different players; the staff at SGO doesn’t always agree unanimously on a game, either. That said, the decision of the reviewer is respected and final.

Is 5/5 a perfect game?

No game is ever perfect. That said, a five-star score means that this is the closest to perfection that we can expect, and the game is truly a must-play.

Do scores ever change before publishing?

There will be times where the reviewer will discuss the game with fellow staff members. At that point, it’s solely up to the review to decide whether the feelings of other members is worth altering a score prior to publication?

What about after?

Never. A review score in an original review will NOT be changed after it is published. The ONLY exception is if the review was published prematurely and is IMMEDIATELY taken down.

That said, we will often do mid-year reviews that give a completely new score on games that get significant updates during the game’s lifespan.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about our review policy, please contact us at [email protected]