This week Rocket League released patch 1.13 for PC and PlayStation 4. An Xbox One patch is forthcoming but an exact date hasn’t been set.

Patch 1.13 adds three new Skill Tiers to the Season 2 Competitive, bringing the total tiers to fifteen. It also added Division Indicators to all Skill Tiers.

Some glitches were fixed including the “Stocked” achievement unlocking properly, and random map selection picking Mannfield and Beckwith Park weather variants too rarely. It also fixed CPU utilization for PC users.

The Rocket League team also released a teaser trailer for their new Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack. The pack is scheduled to release on March 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam and will cost $1.99.

Along with the new Batmobile car, the Car Pack also features three exclusive Antenna Flags that represent Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

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