Madden Ultimate Team is about to get a lot more interesting when the latest game mode hits Madden 16. That game mode is Salary Cap Ranked, and it’ll be available in beta as of April 26th. Don’t let the beta tag fool you though, because Salary Cap Ranked should provide a satisfying new way for fans of Madden Ultimate Team to compete.

As mentioned when the mode was first announced, Salary Cap Ranked will provide a much more strategic and competitive element to Madden Ultimate Team by introducing a some restrictions to team building. You’ll be tasked with setting up a team of 34 players that doesn’t exceed a cap of 1000 points.

In exchange for those restrictions, injuries will be turned off completely and the rate of fatigue will be slowed.

For a more detailed look Madden’s newest mode check out the video up top or give EA’s blog on the subject a look. EA has also uploaded their own video about the new mode, which you can watch below.

Will you be playing Salary Cap Ranked? Let us know in the comments.

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