NBA 2K15 Fan? Looking to join a quality NBA 2K15 Online League? Well the NSBA just might be right for you! We are looking for a dedicated group of ballers who know how to play SIM Basketball.

All trading will be voted on by a trade committee and all trades will be final.  This will insure the integrity of the teams will remain intact. There will forced sims each week so you must get your games in during the set time period. Sims will be decided on by player activity.

It is important to understand what a sim league represents. A sim league is trying to mimic the real life NBA. Full court passes, constant turbo and run n gun are not considered sim. It’s all about staying within the flow of the game and understanding the personnel you have on your team.  Make sure you read NSBA rules and guidelines here.

If you are interested in joining NSBA, sign up on the forums and post here. Will see you on the court!

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Curtis Knight
A fan of sports game since his first EA sports title Madden 93. "The Natural" has been an active member of the Sports Gaming community since joining the MWS in 2003. Having participated and won in the Madden challenge and countless other tournaments earlier in his career he has moved on to more of a sim style over the years. He is always looking to do what he can to push simulation style gaming forward.