Steep Free Weekend

Steep Free Weekend

If you weren’t aware already, Steep Free Weekend has already begun. Steep is a massive open world game where players can ski, snowboard, wingsuit and paraglide to their hearts’ content. In addition, there are also challenges for players to complete as well as a robust set of breathtaking views. Finally, all this and more will be available for players to play for free March 10th – 13th. Though the fun has already begun, be sure to catch the action throughout the remaining days.

Where to Play

  • Xbox One: 10/03 at 8 AM UTC to 13/03 at 8 AM UTC
  • PS4: 10/03 at 6 PM UTC to 13/03 at 6 PM UTC – Preload from 09/03
  • Uplay: 10/03 at 6 PM UTC to 13/03 at 6 PM UTC – Preload from 09/03

And if you decide you want to keep playing after the free weekend, you can transfer your progress to the full game, which will be available at 40% off until March 15 and March 21 on XBOX.

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