The JFF League Commissioner has officially announced that the league will have a Summer 2015 season. This will be the second time in three years that The JFF Madden NFL Online League has sponsored a season that went into the summer months (The Spring / Summer 2013 season ran from February 2013 thru late June 2013), but this will be the very first time that The JFF has sponsored three competitive seasons on the same edition of EA Sports’ Madden NFL.

All of the league games during the Summer 2015 season will be played on the All-Pro level of difficulty. This will mark the fifth time in twelve seasons of The JFF that will compete on All-Pro. The other seven seasons, including the most recent Spring 2015 season, was played on the All-Madden level of difficulty.

Also, since the implementation of the EA Sports ‘Connected Franchise Mode’ (CFM), this will be the second consecutive season that will offer a continuation and progression of the current CFM rosters. Both the current Spring 2015 team owners as well as any new team owners and league members will be able to participate in the various off-season activities, such as the re-signing of players who have expiring contracts, the signing of Free Agents who failed to re-sign with their former team, and the drafting of new rookies.

The Summer 2015 Regular Season will officially begin on Friday, May 27, 2015. The Regular Season will conclude on Monday, July 27, 2015.

JFF league members who are participating in the current Spring 2015 season will have until Friday, April 24, 2015 to submit a Team Ownership Fee of $24.00 as well as a $16.00 Security Deposit. If a team’s Ownership Rights are not paid for by that date, then the new league members and/or former league members will have the opportunity to purchase the Ownership Rights to that particular team. The Security Deposit will be reimbursed to each league member if they finish the Regular Season with no more than one CPU simulated loss or Auto Pilot loss. New league members and/or former members returning to league play will have until Friday, May 8, 2015 to submit their Ownership Fee and Security Deposit.

Click on the photo below if you are interested in purchasing the Ownership Rights to a JFF league team for the Summer 2015 season:

JFF Summer 2015 Recruitment Page