Well SB nation has released another rendition of their Breaking Madden series putting 11 “Touchdown Tom” Brady’s (yes every single player is Tom Brady) against essentially a Colts MONSTARS team of 7 foot 99 everything mindless Beasts.

This is the twist we’ve never attempted in Breaking Madden. The Indianapolis defense is now made up of 21 players who are seven feet tall and weigh 400 pounds. They are as fast, agile, and strong as I can possibly make them.

Every skill category that has anything to do with an understanding of football, however, has been yanked down to zero. 

The Pats’ key advantage here is the Awareness category: the Toms are at 99, and the Colts are at zero.

You would think “The Brady’s” wouldn’t have a chance right? This is why they play the games! Checkout the video it’s 4 minutes of non-stop laughs.

Never would have thought looking into the eyes of cyber Tom Brady could be so chilling This just might be the 1st incarnation of a video game soul caught on film.


Seriously these guys are great.

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Curtis Knight
A fan of sports game since his first EA sports title Madden 93. "The Natural" has been an active member of the Sports Gaming community since joining the MWS in 2003. Having participated and won in the Madden challenge and countless other tournaments earlier in his career he has moved on to more of a sim style over the years. He is always looking to do what he can to push simulation style gaming forward.