Update on WWE 2K18 For Nintendo Switch

WWE 2K18 Trailer

Back in July it was announced that WWE 2K18 would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, making it the first WWE game in four years to appear on a Nintendo console.

The game was expected to be released this fall, but since the official announcement, WWE Games has been silent on when it will actually launch on the hybrid console from Nintendo.

On Friday, that silence ended in a small update via the game’s official Twitter account regarding the status of the Switch version.

The update wasn’t much of substance. Instead, it was more of a confirmation that it will still be released on the new console, and that full release details will be “coming soon”.

With the start of winter just about a month away, it’s reasonable to assume the game won’t be making a fall release. That being said, anything is possible in today’s world of gaming.

For more on WWE 2K18 be sure to check out Sports Gamers Online’s official review of the latest release from 2K Sports. WWE 2K18 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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