Versus Sports, ULT Announce Madden eSports Partnership

In a major deal that continues the rise of legitimacy in the world of eSports, eSports fashion company ULT has partnered with the largest Madden NFL eSports organization, Versus Sports.

The deal will feature collaboration on official clothing and gear for professional Madden players that includes custom jerseys for the Madden professionals.

With Madden gaining more and more legitimacy in the world of eSports of the last few years thanks to the rise of the Madden Championship Series, the time was right for a deal of this magnitude to happen. Now players will be able to stand out with their gear like popular eSports teams like Optic Gaming and Cloud 9 rather than look like a group of generic players.

“Currently every eSports team jersey looks exactly the same with no reflection of key aspects of the this genre: sport, fashion and athletics,” Manny Anekal, CEO and Founder of Versus Sports said. “Many brands also miss the mark on telling the story and lifestyle of these gaming professionals. With ULT, Versus Sports found the perfect partner that recognized the team’s brand vision and our cultural ethos. I also wanted to build apparel that was fashion forward and innovative not just in design; but being able to build upon ULT’s content strategy and platform.”

As far as when the custom-designed jerseys and gear will make their debut or what they’ll even look like goes, that information has yet to be revealed. That being said, the people responsible for creating the gear are excited for the opportunity to make the Madden pros look as good as they play.

“Challenging cultural ideas of athleticism, sport and fashion for this community is something we at ULT are deeply inspired to do,” Ultimate Media Ventures Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Nate Eckman said.

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