Von Miller really wants you to start him on your team in Madden NFL 17. The Broncos linebacker has made an appeal to gamers in the latest wacky promotional video released by EA Sports.

EA has a history of goofball promo videos for Madden, including this musical number from 2015 with Dave Franco and Kevin Hart, and this positively ridiculous action movie spoof from 2016 that features a host of NFL stars, Coach Rex Ryan, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Dave Franco once again.

This latest promo features the 2016 Super Bowl MVP singing a song called “Start Me” to the tune of Justin Bieber’s megahit “Sorry”. In the video, Miller explains why gamers should start him on their teams in Madden 17, the most compelling reason definitely being his 99 overall rating in the game. The 27- year-old doesn’t bring up his MVP title, his Super Bowl ring, or the fact that he’s the highest paid defensive player in the NFL, but it’s a short video.

Miller also shows off his sweet dance moves. Miller is no stranger to getting his groove on, as he was on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” back in the spring. Unfortunately, Miller couldn’t take home any hardware from that fierce dance competition, but I’m sure his trophy case is already pretty crowded.

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