Tom Brady is just like you and me.

Sure, he’s a first-ballot NFL Hall of Famer. And yes, he has won five Super Bowl championships during his incredible career. And yes, Brady is potentially the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL.

Okay, maybe he’s not exactly like us, but he does play Madden which is close enough.

In an interview with ESPN, Brady talked about playing the game with his children, particularly his oldest son Jack.

Brady said that his son usually picks the Patriots as his team, meaning Brady has to play against his teammates. It’s something he hates doing.

“I don’t like [it],” he told ESPN. “It does feel weird. I feel like I’m going up against my own guys that I love. Julian [Edelman] catches a pass, and I’ve got to tackle him.”

So with that Patriots taken, who does Brady play as?

“I’ve been Green Bay, because I like that offense,” he said. “And I’ve been Seattle because I love being that defense.”

It’s not surprising that he’d pick fellow superstars Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson as his in-game QBs. It’s also not surprising that Brady doesn’t like to play as AFC East rivals Buffalo, New York or Miami.

Madden 18 — of which Brady is on the cover — launches on August 25. Players who pre-order the G.O.A.T Edition of the game can get access starting August 22.

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