Windows 10 creators update

Windows have recently announced that the Windows 10 Creators Update, coming in 2017, will allow a host of new sharing options.

There will be a tonne of amazing new features, but perhaps most exciting for our community is that this update will allow PC gamers and streamers to broadcast the gameplay and host tournaments using the Xbox Live network.

While such a move is not a massive surprise (Windows and Xbox are both owned by the same company), it is an exciting move to close the gap between consoles and ‘the master race.’

To complement the Windows update, Microsoft will bring Beam to the Xbox. Beam will allow PC gamers to start a broadcast almost instantly, and by bringing it to Xbox there will be a seamless connection between the two. You will be able to interact with a PC broadcast on you Xbox and visa-versa. This offers the possibility of a wider audience for content creators, as well as a closer relationship between PC and the console.

More details should come out in the following months, but for now, here is the information form the horse’s mouth.

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