My career and new game modes

Recently, 2K held a special developer summit where Executive Producer Mark Little unveiled details about My Career and new game modes in WWE 2K18. In addition, he touched on new matches coming this year.

My Career and New Game Modes

Little announced several overhauls based on fan feedback coming to My Career. First, the story this year is said to take itself serious in a more mature narrative than the sprawling nature of last year’s. Furthermore, Little unveiled a new type of end game to My Career that ties in some online content. The mode is Road to Glory. However, details were left out on what that entails in it’s entirety.

During the summit, Universe Mode and Creation Suite upgrades also became part of the conversation. Most notably, Little revealed that Universe is finally getting a much needed revamping. Storylines in the mode will no longer be restricted to the four weeks and then a Pay-Per-View finale format. Neither will the actual show schedules. With the WWE brands expanding into 205Live, NXT and subsequent brand split, Universe Mode will now be able to reflect the current WWE scheduling. Additionally, this means that storylines will play out more fluid and seem more organic.

In terms of the Creation Suite, each mode will feature a gamut of new options. This is in addition to the new Create-A-Match that gives players a variety of new ways to play including mixed gender matches. Create-An-Arena makes a return with enhanced features. Create-A-Video does so as well and offers free-cam movement and more effects. The online community with also benefit from the upgrades. 2K will introduce new filters and categories to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Online also has a face lift with a brand new UI.

A lot of information came during the summit. Be sure to stay tuned here as we will be covering more of it as it comes out.

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